BEC Softlanding 
Your Gateway to the UK & the Globe

BEC runs a range of softlanding service activities to help businesses looking to enter the UK market and to support the development of global businesses. We are the service provider of choice for a range of businesses and government agencies across the world who trust BEC to deliver the right support to help growing businesses to successfully land in the UK. 

The journey does not stop there, with a range of international partners, BEC is then able to support businesses looking to expand further through a number of global opportunities for market access, business development and strategic growth pathways. 

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International Market Access

Strategic Partnerships

Funding Strategy

Structure & Operations

Growth Strategies

Capacity Development

Partnering support – In addition to the above support areas we have an extensive range of partners who will work with us to provide a whole range of services including business entity registration, opening bank accounts, market research, product development, visa support & more

The Process

Stage 1: Once you get in touch with the team, we will get in touch to arrange an initial conversation to assess the needs of your business to work out exactly what support you require to support your successful entry into the UK market.

Stage 2: We have two main pathways to support your business – either through one of our award-winning business support programmes or through a bespoke package of support. Using the information you have provided, we will present you with a selection of options to ensure your business is able to get the support it really needs, when it needs it.

Stage 3: Once a pathway has been established then it is time to get to work in providing you everything you need to successfully enter the UK market. 

Stage 4: Global ambitions? With our network of international partners, the UK may just be the start. We can also help you to examine opportunities to enter other markets across the world with our trusted partners on the ground in these markets.
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Access to Global Markets

Support through our global partners across the world including Australia, India, Europe, Latin America & more to access new markets to enable growth.

Funding Opportunities

Not only do we support businesses with investment readiness but we also provide access to a range of funding opportunities including equity, debt & grant funding.

Strategic Partnerships

We support you to identify and connect with partners who could add significant value to the growth of your business including R&D support & customer acquisition channels.

UK Soft Landing

For non-UK businesses we provide soft landing services including support with entity registration, registered addresses, visas & more.

Expert Mentor Access

Support from our whole pool of over 25 mentors who come from a wide range of backgrounds & experiences. 

Entrepreneurial Development

Ongoing support for your personal development as an entrepreneur including coaching, training & workshops.

Global Community

Access to a constantly growing community of entrepreneurs from across the world both virtually & through physical events.


Access to the stunning Alpha Works co-working space providing you with a dynamic & inspiring environment to work in.

Globally Recognised Leader in International Business Development

  1. BEIS Approved Enterprise Agency 
  2. Top Placer for Export Promotion in the 2021 Go Global Awards 2021
  3. Delivery Partner for DIT Accelerate UK Programme
  4. Quality in Business Certified 

Strategic & Global Partners

Ready To Start The Next Stage of Your Journey?

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Application for BEC Softlanding now open to join for 2022 year. We have also put together some information to help with your application which can be found here. if you have any questions please get in touch. T&C
BEC Softlanding Programme fees: £5K +VAT *
*Bootstrapping a business is a challenge.BEC loves to work with successful companies. You and your fellow founders might not have the cash available to allow you to afford the right level of advice to move towards scale at the pace you want to move at. This is why we have built a system, if you qualify for the BEC Softlanding, but can’t afford the fee, we are willing to work on a percentage of ownership in exchange for our proven engagement with your company. We believe that every owner needs to be in control of their own destiny.
Our ownership model will leave you with the leverage and tools you need to move to your next level powered and supported by BEC.  See if you would qualify for the program and possibly equity engagement. Terms & Conditions

“I cannot overstress how important entrepreneurship is to the future of this region and if you are thinking of setting a business up this is simply the only place to do it!”

Andy Street
Andy Street
Mayor of West Midland

Honoured to have been selected for the female founder scholarship on the BEC Startup Sprint! […] The mentoring sessions were so insightful and have helped us tackle the important questions we have as a startup during this unprecedented time.

Dina Bahrami
Dina Bahrami
Founder of Nutri Beauties

When applying, I questioned how relevant it would be for me as an artist […] but it turns out is super relevant and so, so valuable. It’s really enabled me to shift my perspective to seeing my art as a business and I now have a clear path of how I’m going to make those steps in getting there.

Imogen Morris
Imogen Morris
Imogen Embroidery Art

BEC has been like no other, the support, advice, and hospitality exceeded our expectiations. The accessibility of so may resoources right at your fingertips with the way BEC operates creates a truly unique experience. BEC helps you delve deep into your business & take action so that you can get the results you want.”

Danielle Roberts
Danielle Roberts
Founder of Unlimited You

FORWARD will provide an Innovative platform to foster innovation, collaboration and increased opportunities for early-stage ventures that with to take their business to the next level”

Holly Knower
Holly Knower

I did this programme at the start of lockdown when due to theatre closures, I lost 90% of my business. Thankfully, that has been recovered in part due to the mindset change the programme helped me with. cc funders Innovate UK”

Hannah Elsy
Hannah Elsy
CEO & Founder of Hannah Elsy Production

Birmingham Enterprise Community’s FORWARD accelerator programme is exactly what our region needs. Birmingham is the major youngest city ion Europe, with under 25s accounting for nearly 40% of the population, so this is fantastic initiative to help fresh, young minds to succeed in business and entrepreneurship.”

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts
Tech Nation