Our Story

Birmingham Enterprise Community (BEC) is an award-winning organisation that supports a global community of entrepreneurs and businesses through a range of programmes and initiatives that support these entrepreneurs from concept/idea phase through to creating a startup all the way through to supporting high-growth scaleups. BEC was founded in 2019 by a group of entrepreneurs who had realised how important it was that entrepreneurs and businesses receive the right support for the stage they are at in their journey. Therefore, BEC was established to provide support for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs – community-led and purpose made. 

BEC’s programmes support businesses from all sectors and sizes. We have a range of businesses within the community based across the UK as well as many international businesses who we are able to support both in their own country or when looking to enter the UK & European markets. These programmes involved equipping entrepreneurs and businesses with the knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities they need to grow and move forward. 

Our Values

The work of Birmingham Enterprise Community is designed and delivered around four key community values. These values influence both how we work as an organisation and how we work with the entrepreneurs in our communities:

Entrepreneurship is for everyone

Anyone from anywhere could be an entrepreneur and should have access to engaging in entrepreneurial activities

Nothing is impossible

No idea is too big or ambitious. We work to find solutions and remove barriers rather than focusing on things being ‘too difficult’.

Collaboration NOT Competition

We work in collaboration with the whole ecosystem and encourage our entrepreneurs to work together as when we do we can create opportunities for everyone to move forward. 

Learning is for life

Learning is a continuous process that never ends. Whether just starting out or a veteran entrepreneur, there are always new things to learn and new ways to see the world. 

Our Impact

Birmingham Enterprise Community was created as a social enterprise which means it is an organisation established to generate social impact. The social impact BEC exists to create is to empower emerging entrepreneurs to help them to build exciting and innovative businesses that are able to solve the problems of the world. 


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Current Projects

FORWARD Accelerator

Our flagship programme – FORWARD is a 6 month accelerator programme providing a comprehensive package of support for exciting scaling & high growth businesses from across the world.

Startup Sprint

SuS, A one month long intensive launch programme for individuals & teams who have recently started a business or have an idea for a business they want to start, providing them with essential support covering the foundations of starting up.

The Proving Ground

The Proving Ground is an incubator supporting early stage businesses through the development and testing of prototypes supporting them towards gaining initial traction and growth.

Skills for Tomorrow Project

SfT, Equipping young people (18-30) with entrepreneurial skills in order to help them build their career prospects in a post-COVID world.

Our Partners

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