The Startup Sprint Application

Startup Sprint is a 1 month programme that will take up and coming entrepreneurs through the fundamental steps of launching their own business.

Thank you for your interest in the BEC Startup Sprint. We would like to learn some more about you and your business or idea. Please complete the following questions as best you can. We realise that there will be some things you may not know or are unsure of which is fine, just give them a go.

Build your idea with Startup Sprint 

Application: Open – Accepted on a rolling basis
Next Sprint start date: Multiple options available. 
Location: Virtual 
Duration: 1 month
Fee: £300 per Startup*

*The value of the Sprint is over £1000 and includes savings to 15 startup softwares and services and is marked down £700 to support our Founders during the pandemic.

“I cannot overstress how important entrepreneurship is to the future of this region and if you are a student here thinking of setting a business up this is simply the only place to do it!”

Andy Street
Andy Street
Mayor of West Midland

Honoured to have been selected for the female founder scholarship on the BEC Startup Sprint! […] The mentoring sessions were so insightful and have helped us tackle the important questions we have as a startup during this unprecedented time.

Dina Bahrami
Dina Bahrami
Founder of Nutri Beauties

When applying, I questioned how relevant it would be for me as an artist […] but it turns out is super relevant and so, so valuable. It’s really enabled me to shift my perspective to seeing my art as a business and I now have a clear path of how I’m going to make those steps in getting there.

Imogen Morris
Imogen Morris
Imogen Embroidery Art

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